Locals Give Their Thoughts on the United States: “If we’re not living the life we want to live, then it is largely on us…”


Jason gives his thoughts.

“The impression I get from the American culture is rapid change and it feels like I’m in a race. If you’re not keeping up then you’re missing out. This is largely due to the fast, technological growth that we are experiencing. Things that weren’t as easy accessible as before are now within the reach of our fingertips. Back then we would tune into the news at 6PM but now we can get a second-by-second update on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Or back then when we needed to get historical facts, we would go to the library and dig through some books, but now we have Google, Siri, or Cortana to give us the tidbit of info we need in less than 5 seconds. We’re gaining new information at a much faster rate than ever before.

With the ease of access to many things, there are many hot fads that come and go extremely quickly and the great thing is that you can choose to ride the fad or not. When I say “fad”, I’m talking about the latest smartphones, the newest viral videos, a hit television series, the up and coming blockbuster movies, etc. It’s hard to keep up with so many things but if you’re not keeping up with any of it, then you’re living in exile. By participating in a “fad”, you create relationships with others who are also into the same thing, thus forming connections and create new friends. So it is wise to pay attention to any thing happening around you or you will be left behind.


I believe this is largely due to the media, how each of our respective countries own media portray other countries. America could be viewed as the land of opportunity to certain people but on the other extreme, certain people are thinking America is the worst. Of course, there are people that are in the between.

I personally, myself, would not resolve any of the challenges the U.S. faces because our generation as a whole will overcome the challenges and issues we face today. How people think in this new generation is largely different than the ones before us and soon enough the generation before us will leave their positions (either willingly or unwillingly) for us to take over. We’re currently outnumbering them now. No doubt even then new issues and challenges will arrive but that is the cycle of life.

The current world we live in, I’d say, is the most fortunate time for the most of us as we now have options to choose how to live, unlike our parents’ generation. So if we’re not living the life we want to live, then it is largely on us and not on external factors.”

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