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Before we begin, I’ll preface by saying two facts:

1. Borderless House provides multicultural sharehouses, where foreigners and Japanese can live together while in Japan.

2. I actually stayed at, not visited, Borderless House’s share houses (2 of them) to experience how it would be like for foreigners. The experience was very unique and one that I believe many foreigners will find value from. Because of that, you’ll see a number of posts regarding Borderless House to provide you with more information and what to expect.

The share house itself: Located in Ota-ku, near Shinagawa 

The Omori2 house is a newly built share house located in the Shinagawa・Meguro・Ebisu area of Tokyo, Japan. The closest station is Omori Station, which is a 10 minute walk from the share house, and is on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line. Going to Shinagawa, Kawasaki, Yokohama, or Tokyo Station are all within 20 minutes.

The share house is situated in a quiet residential hill with historic remains and shrines. There’s actually a shrine that you can walk to within 2 minutes from the station, and about 4 minutes from the share house. The share house includes a courtyard and rooftop, providing spacious views and the possibility of spotting Mt. Fuji when the weather is good (I’ve seen it a few times). All rooms are private and are equipped with a washbasin. The common areas are designed to facilitate interactions among the housemates. It is also a non-smoking house. Amenities include internet, parking for bicycles, washing machines, a microwave, a toaster, two refrigerators, rice cookers, and more.

Embracing Tradition: A Japanese Garden Oasis
Upon entry, the eye-catching wooden decor and designated wooden area immediately catch your attention. This is no ordinary space – it’s a beautifully crafted Japanese garden. The serene ambiance makes it an ideal setting for an impromptu photoshoot, capturing the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Connectivity and Convenience: Utilizing Shared Spaces
Omori 2 doesn’t just offer a place to stay; it provides a community and resources for a seamless transition into Japanese living. The communal TV serves not only as a source of entertainment but also as a valuable tool for enhancing your Japanese language skills.

Culinary Delights: A Kitchen Fit for Food Enthusiasts
The fully-equipped kitchen boasts an array of modern appliances, and the generously sized fridges ensure ample storage for residents. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or someone who enjoys communal meals, this kitchen is designed to cater to your needs.

Elevated Living: Unique Features on the Second Floor
Venturing to the second floor, you’ll discover thoughtfully designed rooms, showers, and bathrooms. The shower doors, reaching impressive heights, add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. And don’t miss the heated toilet with its array of buttons – a testament to Japanese innovation and comfort.

Personal Spaces: Private Rooms with a View
Each private room at Omori 2 is a personal haven. Furnished with a desk, sink, and air conditioning, it provides the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. The house’s rooftop, reminiscent of scenes from Studio Ghibli, is an extension of personal space. The panoramic view, reminiscent of Kamakura town (Bleach fans will understand!), sets the stage for moments of tranquility. On clear days, the sight of Mt. Fuji is an added bonus. The rooftop is not just a spot for hanging out clothes; it’s a place to unwind and connect with the beauty of Japan’s natural landscape.

In conclusion, Omori 2 at Borderless House isn’t just a share house; it’s a curated experience that seamlessly integrates modern living with traditional Japanese elements. From the charming Japanese garden to the panoramic rooftop views, this international share house provides a unique and enriching way to experience life in Japan.

If you’re keen on residing in any of Borderless Houses’ shared accommodations across Japan, feel free to reach out to them through the the link here.

Once you do, send me an email at hello@lindokorchi.com and I’ll send you a free PDF on the 5 things you need be aware of when living in a share house in Japan. 




Hand picked resources for those intending to travel, study, or work in Japan:

Book Your Accommodation:

You can book your accommodation at Borderless House. They offer a shared home where you can have your own private room, live with Japanese and foreign residents, practice your Japanese, and make friends in a new country. When you do, send me an email at hello@lindokorchi.com for a free PDF on the 5 things you need be aware of when living in a share house in Japan.

Book Your Japanese Language Class:

You can book a short term (3 months), long term (6-12 months), or online Japanese course at Akamonkai Japanese Language School. They are known to be arguably the most challenging Japanese language school in Tokyo. Great for individuals interested in learning Japanese swiftly and enjoy an academic learning structure.

There’s also ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School, which is great for those who want to learn Japanese, but without the high intensity and workload. Before enrolling, send me an email at hello@lindokorchi.com for a free PDF on the 3 best ways to maximize your time studying Japanese at a language school.

Entering a University in Japan (courses taught in Japanese):

If you’ve already graduated high school and are planning to enter a university in Japan, with courses taught in Japanese, you may want to consider ARC’s University Preparation Course. It’s a 1.5 year – 2 year program where you learn Japanese, mathematics and civics, (taught in Japanese), and prepare you for the university admission examinations.

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