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The Focused on Japan Podcast is a podcast that discusses the experiences of foreigners in Japan, how foreigners are finding success, business owners and their stories, social matters, news, and alike.

  • News in Japan
  • Interviewing foreign professionals who are working in Japan, how they got started, their challenges, how they are able to succeed, and alike.
  • Interviewing foreigners who have built an online audience in Japan, what they do, and their story.
  • Interviewing business owners and how they started a business in Japan (both foreigners and Japanese)
  • Discussing social matters with other foreigners in Japan and/or with Japanese people.
  • Hearing about the experience of foreigners in Japan, under a variety of topics (Dating, marriage, culture shocks, etc.)
  • And much more

Meet Our Team

Lindo Korchi


Podcast style: Serious, to-the-point.

Caleb Bryant


Podcast style: Humorous.

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