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I have lived in Japan since 2019. Since that time, I have been fortunate to be able to meet with awesome companies that are helping foreigners travel, learn, or integrate into Japan. These would include Japanese language schools, vocational schools, accommodation companies and alike.

Below, you’ll find companies that I have either

1. Been a customer of.

2. Worked with because their offering was valuable or

3. recommend due to their positive reputation.

I’m sure you will get as a lot of value from it.

Vocational Schools


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Known as one of the most intensive Japanese language schools in Tokyo, Akamonkai is great for those who really want to be challenged. I found the pacing to be quite fast, so be ready to dedicate a lot of hours outside of the classroom to catch up. Here is a video of Akamonkai that I created when I attended. They offer a long term course, short term course, and online course. You can make your inquiry here. 

ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School

ARC has locations in both Tokyo or Kyoto, and puts an emphasis on group based activities to help foster communication in Japanese. They also have Japanese business courses to help students get prepared for interviewing at Japanese companies in Japanese. They offer a standard study abroad course, in addition to a university prep course. Here is a video I created of ARC when I visited. You can make your inquiry here. 



Borderless House is a multicultural share house company that has 70+ sharehoues throughout Japan. They focus on providing a co-living environment that has a 50:50 ratio average of Japanese and foreign tenants living in their share houses. The aim is to promote cultural exchange, language exchange, and a co-living international environment. Due to these points, I actually lived in Borderless House for less than a year. Great for foreigners wanting to make Japanese fiends, practice their Japanese, understand the culture in a deeper way, and build memories. You can make your inquiry here. 



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