In this captivating and introspective podcast episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with TannerJapanese, a former micro social media influencer on TikTok and Instagram. Join us as we delve into Tanner’s remarkable journey as an influencer, the unexpected success he achieved, the challenges he faced, and the valuable lessons he learned along the way. Tanner candidly opens up about their rise to fame, the decision to step back from the influencer world, and their recent return to social media.

Unexpected Success and its Impact:
Tanner shares his personal experiences of finding unexpected success as a social media influencer. We delve into how this sudden fame impacted Tanner’s life and the various ways it shaped his perspectives and priorities. Through this discussion, listeners will gain insights into the complex dynamics of online fame and the unexpected challenges it can bring.

Leaving TikTok: Insights and Reflections:
Explore the reasons behind Tanner’s decision to leave TikTok and the profound insights he gained through that choice. Tanner reflects on what led to this decision, the opportunities it presented for personal growth, and the impact it had on their mental well-being. This portion of the podcast episode offers valuable reflections for those who have grappled with the challenges of maintaining an online presence.

Reflecting on the Past: Would Tanner Choose Influencer Life Again?
In this thought-provoking discussion, Tanner offers an honest perspective on whether, given the chance, he would choose to become an influencer all over again. Listeners will gain valuable insights into Tanner’s reflections on their journey and the lessons learned from their experiences. This segment provides a nuanced view of the highs and lows of the influencer life and encourages reflection on the balance between personal aspirations and the demands of online fame.

Advice for Aspiring Influencers: Nuggets of Wisdom from Tanner:
Aspiring influencers on social media platforms will greatly benefit from Tanner’s valuable advice. Tanner shares their insights, tips, and recommendations for those who dream of becoming influencers. From content creation strategies to dealing with the pressures of online presence, Tanner’s personal journey provides a wealth of knowledge and guidance for those embarking on a similar path.

Dealing with Bullying: Lessons in Resilience:
Tanner courageously discusses how he processed and handled bullying on social media platforms. Reflecting on his experiences, Tanner offers insights into their coping mechanisms and reflects on whether he could have approached the situation differently. This segment provides a valuable discussion on the impact of online bullying and the importance of resilience in overcoming such challenges.

Returning to Social Media: Motivations and Considerations:
Discover the motivations that drove Tanner to return to social media, even if he’s not as active as before. Listeners will gain insights into Tanner’s thought process behind the decision and whether he are considering creating content at the same scale as before. Understanding Tanner’s motivations and considerations offers a valuable perspective on the evolving factors that influence an influencer’s presence on social media.

Changes Over Time: Insights into the Influencer Landscape:
Through the lens of Tanner’s experiences, gain valuable insights into the changes observed in the influencer landscape since their initial departure. Tanner offers reflections on the shifting dynamics of social media platforms, the rise of micro-influencers, and the impact of these changes on aspiring influencers and content creators.

Why You Should Listen to This Episode:
This podcast episode offers an inspiring and revealing glimpse into the life of an influencer, the unforeseen challenges they face, and the lessons they learn along the way. Whether you aspire to become an influencer or are simply interested in understanding the realities of maintaining an online presence, this episode provides valuable insights and wisdom. Join us as we explore TannerJapanese’s journey, and gain a deeper understanding of the influencer world, online fame, and personal growth.


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